Karaoke Contest

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  • Stage Presence 1-10  – Comfort Level of Singer, Working with Audience, Dancing, Rapport/Eye Contact with Audience, Singer Movement,  Acting Ability
  • Appearance 1-10 – Completely subjective
  • Crowd Response 1-20 – Attentiveness, Crowd Singing/Dancing Along, Applause
  • Difficulty of Song   1-20 – Range of Notes, Complicated Beat, Many melodic parts.
  • Performance    1-40 – How was song executed? Were notes hit? Was timing good? Were words all sung and clearly? How did voice match message in song, if any.  How well was the song sung and expressed?

Important Rules

  1. Contestants must use different songs for each of the rounds (Preliminary rounds, semi-finals & finals). For a total of 3 songs if advancing to finals. Preliminary rounds are judged via a videos of you singing a song and uploading it to either the Big Bang Salsa Fest Facebook page or the SalsaFest Coordinator Facebook page. The semi-final round and final round will be sung live Friday July 7th 2017 at Hilbert H Kopplin Memorial Park located at 600 Murray St. Three Rivers TX.
  2. Contestants may perform the same song as another contestant in any round
  3. Each contestant is required to sign an eligibility/waiver of liability/registration form and pay the $20 entry fee. Contestants not doing so will not be allowed to advance to the finals.
  4. The order of contestant appearance will be done by random drawing prior to being posted on the Salsa Fest coordinator Facebook page. Contestants will be grouped into their respective categories for all judged events.
  5. Fairness is the main objective in this contest. To that end the contestants name and/or number will be the only identifying marker used during the competition. Area, town or location of the competing contestant will not be announced. The exception to this rule will be when making the presentation of awards on finals night.
  6. Contestants, their family members or associates are not allowed to have any contact with any judge during the contest performance periods. Judges on break during a contest period are treated as though they are still judging the contest. Offering bribes of any nature to a judge to help advance a contestant is strictly prohibited. Contestants, do not hang out with the judges, don’t drink with them, and don’t eat with them. It is okay to say hello when passing them in the hall but, there is no reason for you to develop any kind of relationship with them.
  7. Any contestant, family member or associates who argue the decision of the judges may be considered unruly and the contestant may be disqualified from advancing in competition. Should the argument concerning the judged outcome of a final event, and the contestant be awarded a prize that contestant may be stripped of the prize and such prize awarded to another contestant.
  8. Decisions of the judges are final.

Reasonable care is taken by the Big Bang Salsa Fest, its sponsors, representatives and the City of Three Rivers to provide adequate equipment for contestants. All contestants will be required to sign an affidavit holding the Big Bang Salsa Fest, any of its sponsors, representatives, or the City of Three Rivers harmless should any problem occur as a result of malfunctioning equipment during competition.

This competition is for amateurs only. No professional singers please.